Digital Incubator

Digital Incubator

List of Components

The Maritime Connectivity Platform

A platform to facilitate authentication and service discoverability


Source code:

Public demonstrator: link

AtoN (S-125)

Niord; A platform for managing and provisioning AtoN information

Source code: link

SECOM service (source code): link

Demo (login with public demonstrator MIR ID): link

Demo (client): link


The eMIR Prototype Display (in short: EPD, sometimes also referred to as e-Navigation Prototype Display) is a software platform for the development of maritime software solutions with a focus on an ECDIS-like UI.

Source code:


A Java-based library for developing SECOM-compliant servives

Source code:


OpenS100 is an open-source software that visualises S-100 format files as layers on a simple map.

Source code: