Digital Incubator

Digital Incubator

The Open Digital Incubator Initiatve

The Open Digital Incubator Initiative (ODI) is a collaboration on a test framework focusing on standardized digital services for the maritime domain.

Intended Purpose

The overall purpose of ODI is as follows:

  • Implement technical services based on mature draft specifications from various international organizations (most notably IALA)
  • Conduct tests of said services
  • Provide feedback to relevant international organizations (most notably IALA)

Initiative Partners

  • EPD (E-navigation Prototype Display)
  • Bridge system that will be able to consume various services being developed
  • MCP demonstrator
  • GMDRT (Global Maritime Digital Route Transition) coordinator
  • Open source application for provisioning AtoN services and MCP demonstrator
  • Open source application for Navigational Warnings
  • Develop VTS services
  • Platfrom TBD
  • Providing several services based on standardized route exchange formats
  • Responsible for Navigational Warnings in the Baltic Sea
  • Founder of the Sea Traffic management concept
  • Providing VDES connectivity for various technical services
  • Operational MCP identity service provider and working on various service specifications, in particular route exchange
  • Working on service specification and implementation of Navigational Warnings
  • Working on MCP and service specifications and provisioniing
  • Working on developing services for VTS


Many different kinds of digital services could be considered for the ODI – however, initially the services considered will be Technical Services associated with Maritime Services in the context of e-navigation as defined by IMO.

Furthermore, the initial suite of services will follow the following guidelines:

As platform for authentication and service discoverability (as described in G1161) – the Maritime Connectivity Platform will be used. Other components of the ODI may change over time depending on which services are being tested.

Over time, the digital incubator may have the potential to become reference implementations of digital/technical services. Software components of the ODI should all be open source.